Pop Shots! With…@GirlThuggery

Today’s collector is a fellow mental health advocate like myself who feels Funko Pop collecting is a wonderful way to calm and distract her from any intrusive and negative thoughts. Something I can definitely get behind. So let’s take a look at her collection, and see how she pops!

Name Kiersten Paige

How long have you been a collector? I started collecting the fall (Autumn) of 2015.

How many Pops! are in your collection? At this moment I have, 74 Funko Pops, 30 Dorbz, and a few RockCandy, and Pint-Size heroes. I had a bigger collection but I got rid of some and started collecting other lines.

Who/what was the first Pop! you ever bought? My first pop bought for me was by my husband/ex-husband back in the fall of 2015 and it was Misty Day from FYE! I’ve since then sold her but plan on getting her back again. Though I honestly can’t remember which I bought personally first, it was all such a rush haha.

Which is your favorite Pop! in your collection? My most favorite pop is Princess Bubblegum, always and forever.

What is the most money you have ever spent on one Pop? Most money spent on a pop I believe was about $30. For $65 I had gotten The Bride from Kill Bill and Jimmie from Pulp Fiction, but I don’t have them anymore. I’ll get them back one day.

What do you think it is about Pops! that make them so addictive? For me, it’s the rush of releases and Chases, and finding ones you’ve been searching for, it’s so fun! I just love the whole Funko community too.

And finally…keep it in its box? or take it out and play with it? I was an ‘in box’ collector at the beginning, but as soon as I started my Adventure Time collection, they were all OOB. I do have quite a bit in the box but my main collections OOB are Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and the first wave of Bobs Burgers (plus a few horror pops too)