Top 5…Most Expensive ‘The Flash’ Pops!

The Flash is arguably the best show on The CW. It’s not only made one of DCs lesser beloved characters now idolized, but also given faith in them (The CW) branching out and giving us Supergirl and the ‘Arrowverse’.

So today we salute Barry Allen (& the countless other versions of his character) and take a look at the top 5 most expensive Flash vinyl Pop! figures.

As always the prices are from Pop Price Guide, as of this blog post (12/05/17) and in USD.

5th) The Flash (White Lantern) 2014 Fugitive Toys Exclusive – $47



4th) The Flash (unmasked) 2015 Comic Con Exclusive – $100



3rd) The Flash (Metallic Chase) 2010 – $150



2nd) The Flas (Glow in the Dark White Lantern) 2014 Fugitive Toys Exclusive – $165



1st) Reverse Flash (Glow in the Dark) 2013 Dallas Comic con Exclusive – $240



So there you have it. Keep your eyes peeled for these, especially at a bargain price! If you’d like to see more of these lists, let me know which character or franchise below!



Top 10…Most Expensive WWE Pops!

I’m a huge fan of WWE (& wrestling in general) and at one time had quite the WWE action figure collection (before trading them all in for Funko) so WWE Pops hold a special little place in my collection. That being said, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the Top 10 most expensive WWE Pops! (as of today 09/05/17)

It’s worth noting that all the prices are from Pop Price guide, In USD and I’m only concentrating on single figures only (sorry New Day and Bellas)

This is also the start of a new series I’m doing so you may see it evolve as time goes on (I’d also love to hear your feedback too) but, without further ado, let’s take a look at the Top 10 most expensive WWE Funko Pops!

10) Daniel Bryan (Patterned Outfit) 2014 Exclusive – $7510

9) John Cena (Black Pants) 2015 Exclusive – $75


8) CM Punk (Regular Release) 2014 – $80


7) Rey Mysterio (Light Blue) 2014 7 – Eleven Exclusive – $95


6) Macho Man Randy Savage (Pink Outfit) 2015 Exclusive – $95


5) Hulk Hogan (Yellow Shirt) 2014 Exclusive – $120


4) John Cena (Green Hat) 2014 exclusive – $130


3) CM Punk (Pink) 2014 Hot Topic Exclusive – $155


2) Rey Mysterio (Black) 2014 San Diego Comic Con exclusive – $160


1) AJ Lee 2014 Exclusive – $160



Do you own any of these? What do you think about this list? Whatever your thoughts, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!