Hikari Sofubi Figures

I would probably guess that 99% of the general public would best Funko for ‘those weird little plastic figures with the big heads’ (one of the many descriptions I’ve heard of them) and to be fair, you can see why. They are everywhere and cover everything, and they are awesome. But Funko also do ‘Dorbz’ (something I’m on the fence about) and Pocket Pops! And…we’ll, a lot more than you would think. So I thought it would be interesting to take a look at each collectable Funko produce, so that those of you who are not as well versed in their history, can be, and also to introduce new collectables to all you geeky toy loving pop culture aficionados.

This week…Hikari Sofubi Figures.

Funko’s Hikari line of collectibles are a homage to Sofubi, (soft vinyl toys) that have been a popular in Japan toys since the 1960s. The designs are usually statuesque and of one colour. They gained popularity in the late 90s (here in the West) with Funko, who stepping into the scene with a line of Hikari toys, based on characters from DC comics, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Star Wars to name but a few. All of the pieces are marked with the edition, which is basically how many were made and produced worldwide.

Eventually, as with many of the Pop! figures they started having exclusive colorways products, and like many of the vinyl toy predecessors of Hikari, the secondary market for these pieces also was proven to be rather lucrative for collectors.

I’m intrigued as to how people collect them. Do they go for all the versions of just one character? Or do they try and collect different characters that are in the same colour way style? Both of these are excellent examples as to why such pieces would be fun to collect. Especially when you’re hunting down those in the 250 pc category, but they can be pricey.

They’re not my cup of tea, but I can understand why people would want them on their shelves, and if I had to pick one (and only one) to buy, it would definitely be the Rainbow Dash below. I’d just need it 20% cooler first…


Funko Pop! Collection & Value Tracking…Week 1 and 2

Recently I’ve become oddly fascinated by the constant fluctuation in price of my little Funko Pop! collection. So much so that I decided to document it on a daily and weekly basis, just so you can also see how crazy the prices grow, and (unfortunately for me) drop.

Day 1 (14/03/17) the collection size was 18 and the estimated value (according to Pop! Price Guide) was $203.00

Day 2 it had dropped down to $201.00 and is where it stayed until Day 9, when it dropped yet another dollar, bringing the estimated total to $200.00

I didn’t think it could get any worse until I checked today (23/03/17 Day 10) and saw that it had dropped a further $3! Bringing the estimated value to $197.00!

You might be thinking that it could be worse, but a slow, steady, constant drop is worse than one big blow cut down out of nowhere.

I shall check back again on Monday, but I’m not holding my breath.

Regardless of price, I still enjoy collecting and hunting (which is the main purpose of it all) but that ‘estimated value” does add a little bit something else to it. I just wish it was going up, not down!

Until then