Funko Pop Toy Hunt

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve left Warrington, never mind gone on a shopping spree, but thanks to some eBay sales my wife and I were finally out and about and on the hunt for chase.

Liverpool, much like Warrington, has a fair few places that stock Funko Pop! Figures; HMV, Worlds Apart, Forbidden Planet & Grainger Games to name but a fee, but the one thing that sets Warrington and Liverpool apart (in the Funko Pop world) is that there are way more collectors out and about in Liverpool than there are in Warrington. No matter which shop we went in, there was always somebody there before us (and by ‘somebody’ I mean groups of 3 or more) so we were never going to find a chase. But we did hunt down some exclusives, and more important…we had fun!

Below are my 3 pick ups (LOVE that Weapon X Exclusive) and it brings my collection to 24 Pops with an estimated value of £270! Not too shabby indeed ☺️

Pop Shots! With…@Renaldz_

This week is the turn of more Twitter fam. It’s @Renaldz_

Name Scott

How long have you been a collector? On and off for around 4 years, but upped my game the last year or so.

How many Pops! are in your collection? 21

Who/what was the first Pop! you ever bought? The first Pop I ever bought was Edward from Assassins Creed Black Flag. Still got him now and he’s vaulted! which was a nice surprise.

Which is your favorite Pop! in your collection? This is a close one between my Classic Batman Batmobile and my Demogorgon chase! Will have to go with the Demogorgon as it’s a chase.

What is the most money you have ever spent on one Pop? It would likely be £15 on my ECCC Captain America. The Batmobile was part of a trade so I won’t count that.

What do you think it is about Pops! that make them so addictive? It has to be the sheer volume of different types. There is something for everyone and hunting for elusive exclusives is an addiction in itself!

Where can people find you (on social media?) You can find me on Twitter here, but I don’t use anything else. I have tried YouTube but I don’t have the time or money to build quality content!

And finally…keep it in its box? Or take it out and play with it? Kept in the box 100%. Not only are the pops amazing but so is the box art too!


Pop Shots! with…@Ekewaka11

This week is the turn of another Twitter brother; @Ekewaka11

Name Lord Edward Underhill 3rd

How long have you been a collector? 3 years… I think.

How many Pops! are in your collection? 90. Thought it’d be less than that in all fairness.

Who/what was the first Pop! you ever bought? I think it was like 4 different pops! Sam & Dean from Supernatural, Thor, and Gizmo! Looking back on it, the inner pop! Virgins myself & Ash were at the time really did show. They had SO many exclusives, as well and an invisible Bilbo, but we passed on them all because we didn’t know better! Absolute nightmare.

Which is your favorite Pop! in your collection? The exclusive Scooby-Doo ‘creeper’. I didn’t think I’d love it as much as I would, however, I’m such a big Scooby fan. As soon as I get Scooby Dum it’ll become my new favorite… That pop looks straight up next level Gangsta, Scooby PIMP Dum.!

What is the most money you have ever spent on one Pop? On one Pop!, normal price really. The exclusives which I ordered from popcultcha ended up becoming super expensive. Worth it mind! Probably £32(double pack) to give you some sort of answer.

What do you think it is about Pops! that make them so addictive? The design, and then to fit the design with pretty much anything is genius. For example, I didn’t really watch DBZ when I was a kid, however, they have the nicest pops in my opinion. They’re like visual crack.

Where can people find you (on social media?) Instagram – EddyJUnderhill. Twitter – Ekewaka11

And finally…keep it in its box? or take it out and play with it? Keep it in the box all day every day. There’s actually a rumor that if you take them out the box you get a phone call which states that you’ll die in 7 days. So I wouldn’t risk it.



Pop Shots! With…@LoreAchiever

This week is the turn of fellow Twitter brother @LoreAchiever

Name Luke!

How long have you been a collector? Just under three years.

How many Pops! are in your collection? It was roughly just under 50. After some selling and narrowing down (of what I collect) it now stands at 36.

Who/what was the first Pop! you ever bought? I’m pretty sure I picked up World of Warcraft Thrall (#31) Diablo 3 Tyrael (#17) and Starcraft 2 Jim Raynor (#19) all at the same time. I was really into Blizzard games at the time, and figured I’d show that appreciation in Pop! form. I’ve since sold Tyrael and Raynor, but Thrall is still in my collection. WoW will always have a special place in my heart.

Which is your favorite Pop! in your collection? This is super hard to choose! I’ve recently tried to narrow my collection down to just Games, Comics and Movies, so i guess it would have to be the newly released ECCC Exclusive Captain America (#219) It’s so detailed and a real unique piece. The MCC Exclusive Leaping Deadpool would definitely be a close second, just because of the pose. Again, so unique to the rest of the releases.

What is the most money you have ever spent on one Pop? I really loves Pops! but I have a sensible and limited budget. So £35-£40 is the most I’ve ever spent so far, and I only consider going up to that price if it is a stickered exclusive.

What do you think it is about Pops! that make them so addictive? I love to surround myself with my passions and interests, so when I cam across Pops! I knew I had to start collecting them, because they were so varied. One thing lead to another and I now own more than I ever imagined.

Where can people find you (on social media?) Subscribe to my YouTube channel here and follow me on Twitter here.

And finally…keep it in its box? or take it out and play with it? I used to be an out of box collector, but I’ve succumbed to the ‘in box’ collector lifestle. Now when I make a purchase it gets put straight into a protective sleeve, and is stacked with the rest of my collection.


if if you’d like to take part in Pop! Shots! I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch, and leave a comment below.


UK Indie Shop Spotlight…Figureland

There are many wonderful things in life (like getting into a freshly made bed or having your first brew of the day) but one of my loves is finding a small independent local business that specialises in toys and general geekery. We all enjoy a trip to Toys R Us or Smyths Toys, but nothing beats a local business run by somebody who genuinely cares. So I wanted to find these shops, and spread the word.

Each month I’m going to buy from a small UK shop, and grade it on certain criteria. At the end of the day, if we’re buying Funko Pops online, we want to make sure we’re getting the absolute best. Especially when it comes to price, variety & packaging.

The ‘audit’ is based on my own personal experience, and the aim is help spread the word. You should always buy locally, and if I can help more people do that, then I absolutely will.

So, who’s first up? A company by the name of Figureland so let’s see how they did.

Pop Shots! With…@AshKetchupYT

I’m always intrigued by the collecting habits of other people. Especially when it comes to Funko Pops! There are not only literally hundreds of characters and franchises to pick from, but you also have all the variants and chase figures to hunt down too! and don’t even get me started on the whole sticker Vs non sticker, in box Vs out of box debate!

With all that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to do just that. Probe other collectors and see exactly how they work, and who better to start with than the man who gave me my addiction…

Name Ash!

How long have you been a collector Since 2014

How many Pops! are in your collection? 299!

Who/what was the first Pop! you ever bought SDCC Slimer, which I picked up with my mate Eddy in Forbidden Planet (London) They had so many sick exclusives in store, if only we knew what we had in our hands at the time…

Which is your favorite Pop! in your collection? Oh boy…That I own? I’ll have to go with SDCC Beerus. Favorite Pop! would be the chase version of Eleven (from Stranger Things) If I don’t get that Pop! in my life I would honestly cry!

What is the most money you have ever spent on one Pop? I spent £65 on Gandalf (from The Hobbit) but my girlfriend spent £110 on the SDCC Ghostbusters 4 pack!

What do you think it is about Pops! that make them so addictive? Nostalgia, and the fact that they cover so many different games, series and films. They honestly cover so many bases!

Where can people find you (on social media?) On YouTube here. and Twitter  here.

And finally…keep it in its box? or take it out and play with it? Never ever take it out…never ever settle for damaged! Unless it’s a mean bobble head for the car, then maybe i’ll accept it. Or a cool ass looking keyring!



Underwater Eleven Stranger Things Pop! (Hot Topic exclusive)

Finally the drought is over! It’s been SIX long weeks since my last Pop! Purchase. Six weeks! Do you know how hard it is to go without this (silly) addiction? It’s not like I’ve been trying to wean myself off of them or anything, I’m just trying to adult better, and I think I’m finally getting it…maybe.

But when Netherworld (a small indie gaming store situated in Warrington City Centre) posted this (and Upside down Will) on their Twitter feed (@netherworlduk) I HAD to get it. Not only is Eleven one of the greatest female characters ever created (made all that much better thanks to Millie Bobby Brown) but the show itself is even more mind blowing. If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you even doing with your life? Honestly. I’m sure many people say this about Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, but trust me, Stranger Things is something else.

So, the Pop! It sounds stupid, but that (‘helmet’?) really makes it stand out. Funko could have quite easily cheaped out and not added it, but the fact they did shows their attention to detail & love for their product. The only thing wrong with this is the fact that it’s a Hot Topic exclusive. Why is this a negative I hear you ask, well…where’s my sticker!? I know we don’t have Hot Topic here in the UK, but where is my sticker! Again, it might come across as stupid, but that ‘exclusive’ sticker (be it Target, Wallmart, Barnes and Noble or wherever else) really does add to the ‘exclusivity’ of the figure. It’s not just me who feels this way either. Plenty of collectors (mainly from the UK) get a little peeved off when an exclusive comes stickerless, but unfortunately that’s just the hand we are dealt.

Overall it’s a quality piece & I just want to shout out Netherworld Warrington once again for holding on to it for me. Very much appreciated 🤘🏻