Funko Pop Toy Hunt

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve left Warrington, never mind gone on a shopping spree, but thanks to some eBay sales my wife and I were finally out and about and on the hunt for chase.

Liverpool, much like Warrington, has a fair few places that stock Funko Pop! Figures; HMV, Worlds Apart, Forbidden Planet & Grainger Games to name but a fee, but the one thing that sets Warrington and Liverpool apart (in the Funko Pop world) is that there are way more collectors out and about in Liverpool than there are in Warrington. No matter which shop we went in, there was always somebody there before us (and by ‘somebody’ I mean groups of 3 or more) so we were never going to find a chase. But we did hunt down some exclusives, and more important…we had fun!

Below are my 3 pick ups (LOVE that Weapon X Exclusive) and it brings my collection to 24 Pops with an estimated value of £270! Not too shabby indeed ☺️


Author: Jo Watson

Founding member of Gigamov (covering all things Funko Pop) and That Wrestling Site (covering action figure reviews and UK wrestling news)

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