Pop Shots! with…@Ekewaka11

This week is the turn of another Twitter brother; @Ekewaka11

Name Lord Edward Underhill 3rd

How long have you been a collector? 3 years… I think.

How many Pops! are in your collection? 90. Thought it’d be less than that in all fairness.

Who/what was the first Pop! you ever bought? I think it was like 4 different pops! Sam & Dean from Supernatural, Thor, and Gizmo! Looking back on it, the inner pop! Virgins myself & Ash were at the time really did show. They had SO many exclusives, as well and an invisible Bilbo, but we passed on them all because we didn’t know better! Absolute nightmare.

Which is your favorite Pop! in your collection? The exclusive Scooby-Doo ‘creeper’. I didn’t think I’d love it as much as I would, however, I’m such a big Scooby fan. As soon as I get Scooby Dum it’ll become my new favorite… That pop looks straight up next level Gangsta, Scooby PIMP Dum.!

What is the most money you have ever spent on one Pop? On one Pop!, normal price really. The exclusives which I ordered from popcultcha ended up becoming super expensive. Worth it mind! Probably £32(double pack) to give you some sort of answer.

What do you think it is about Pops! that make them so addictive? The design, and then to fit the design with pretty much anything is genius. For example, I didn’t really watch DBZ when I was a kid, however, they have the nicest pops in my opinion. They’re like visual crack.

Where can people find you (on social media?) Instagram – EddyJUnderhill. Twitter – Ekewaka11

And finally…keep it in its box? or take it out and play with it? Keep it in the box all day every day. There’s actually a rumor that if you take them out the box you get a phone call which states that you’ll die in 7 days. So I wouldn’t risk it.




Author: Jo Watson

Founding member of Gigamov (covering all things Funko Pop) and That Wrestling Site (covering action figure reviews and UK wrestling news)

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