Pop Shots! With…@LoreAchiever

This week is the turn of fellow Twitter brother @LoreAchiever

Name Luke!

How long have you been a collector? Just under three years.

How many Pops! are in your collection? It was roughly just under 50. After some selling and narrowing down (of what I collect) it now stands at 36.

Who/what was the first Pop! you ever bought? I’m pretty sure I picked up World of Warcraft Thrall (#31) Diablo 3 Tyrael (#17) and Starcraft 2 Jim Raynor (#19) all at the same time. I was really into Blizzard games at the time, and figured I’d show that appreciation in Pop! form. I’ve since sold Tyrael and Raynor, but Thrall is still in my collection. WoW will always have a special place in my heart.

Which is your favorite Pop! in your collection? This is super hard to choose! I’ve recently tried to narrow my collection down to just Games, Comics and Movies, so i guess it would have to be the newly released ECCC Exclusive Captain America (#219) It’s so detailed and a real unique piece. The MCC Exclusive Leaping Deadpool would definitely be a close second, just because of the pose. Again, so unique to the rest of the releases.

What is the most money you have ever spent on one Pop? I really loves Pops! but I have a sensible and limited budget. So £35-£40 is the most I’ve ever spent so far, and I only consider going up to that price if it is a stickered exclusive.

What do you think it is about Pops! that make them so addictive? I love to surround myself with my passions and interests, so when I cam across Pops! I knew I had to start collecting them, because they were so varied. One thing lead to another and I now own more than I ever imagined.

Where can people find you (on social media?) Subscribe to my YouTube channel here and follow me on Twitter here.

And finally…keep it in its box? or take it out and play with it? I used to be an out of box collector, but I’ve succumbed to the ‘in box’ collector lifestle. Now when I make a purchase it gets put straight into a protective sleeve, and is stacked with the rest of my collection.


if if you’d like to take part in Pop! Shots! I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch, and leave a comment below.



Author: Jo Watson

Founding member of Gigamov (covering all things Funko Pop) and That Wrestling Site (covering action figure reviews and UK wrestling news)

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