Underwater Eleven Stranger Things Pop! (Hot Topic exclusive)

Finally the drought is over! It’s been SIX long weeks since my last Pop! Purchase. Six weeks! Do you know how hard it is to go without this (silly) addiction? It’s not like I’ve been trying to wean myself off of them or anything, I’m just trying to adult better, and I think I’m finally getting it…maybe.

But when Netherworld (a small indie gaming store situated in Warrington City Centre) posted this (and Upside down Will) on their Twitter feed (@netherworlduk) I HAD to get it. Not only is Eleven one of the greatest female characters ever created (made all that much better thanks to Millie Bobby Brown) but the show itself is even more mind blowing. If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you even doing with your life? Honestly. I’m sure many people say this about Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, but trust me, Stranger Things is something else.

So, the Pop! It sounds stupid, but that (‘helmet’?) really makes it stand out. Funko could have quite easily cheaped out and not added it, but the fact they did shows their attention to detail & love for their product. The only thing wrong with this is the fact that it’s a Hot Topic exclusive. Why is this a negative I hear you ask, well…where’s my sticker!? I know we don’t have Hot Topic here in the UK, but where is my sticker! Again, it might come across as stupid, but that ‘exclusive’ sticker (be it Target, Wallmart, Barnes and Noble or wherever else) really does add to the ‘exclusivity’ of the figure. It’s not just me who feels this way either. Plenty of collectors (mainly from the UK) get a little peeved off when an exclusive comes stickerless, but unfortunately that’s just the hand we are dealt.

Overall it’s a quality piece & I just want to shout out Netherworld Warrington once again for holding on to it for me. Very much appreciated 🤘🏻



Author: Jo Watson

Founding member of Gigamov (covering all things Funko Pop) and That Wrestling Site (covering action figure reviews and UK wrestling news)

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